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编号 MAX-S324


规格 2320mm*950mm*740mm

材质 BL7251-7

特点 MAX最简约的一款沙发!


Serial Number MAX-S324

Group S324-A11

Size 2320mm*950mm*740mm

Material BL7251-7

Feature MAX the simplest sofa!
Integrative tungsten steel frame base, with high feet inclined outward design, matched with minimal cushion and backrest without any redundant lines, not only has a sense of space, but also presents a simple and fashionable living environment.
Thin steel frame base is the embodiment of technological level and the most fashionable trend. Straight and powerful outline, simple and generous. When we face the tedious and tired work of a day, we need a relaxed and simple way to liberate the fatigue of a day. This is the lifestyle that modern people generally need.