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MAX advocates simplicity, simplicity of furniture and ornaments, maximization of people's living space, delicate life must be simple and comfortable, comfortable sofa, soft bed, without too much complex decoration, to cater to the current mainstream room. The inner structure expresses the aspiration and pursuit of modern urban white-collar workers for high quality life.



MAX uses the most sophisticated materials and exquisite workmanship to make the most simple and comfortable home products. The selected elm wood has clear tough texture, moderate hardness and strength, smooth planer and beautiful wood grain.

The materials used in leather home are strictly selected, only the top-grade leather fabrics are selected. All the leather comes from the world famous brand suppliers. We have reached strategic cooperation with OKE and YKK manufacturers, which have been internationally recognized by quality certification, to ensure the quality and durability of our products.



MAX's products are not only a piece of furniture but also a piece of art. The lines are smooth, simple but not simple. They pay attention to comfort and return to comfortable and harmonious home style. This is what life is like.