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编号 MAX-S321


规格 2340*960*900(mm)

材质 MF-334布艺

特点 设计师大胆选用灰白相间的色彩搭配,凸显质感,又至于单调,内嵌式扶手包边缝合工艺,打破传统,彰显个性,主次分明,层次感强,扶手外侧和靠背上下两层的拉线扪皮设计,搭配底座高脚设计,呈现强烈的层次感和空间感。最大的设计点是,圆弧形扶手设计,让手臂的承托贴合感强,恰到好处,上下两层靠背,让您的肩部和腰部都有不同角度支撑,MAX的沙发会给您带来极致放松的舒适感。


Serial Number MAX-S321

Group A04

Size 2340*960*900(mm)

Material MF-334 Fabric

Feature Designers boldly choose gray-and-white color matching, highlighting texture, but also monotonous, embedded armrest edge-wrapping sewing technology, breaking the tradition, highlighting personality, clear primary and secondary, strong sense of hierarchy, the outer side of the armrest and the upper and lower back of the two layers of pull-line palm design, with the base high feet design, showing a strong sense of hierarchy and space. Feeling. The biggest design point is that the circular arc armrest design, so that the support of the arm fit strong, just right, upper and lower back, so that your shoulder and waist have different angles of support, MAX sofa will bring you extreme relaxation comfort.